"Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish instead". Chinese saying.

Conducting profitable business on the international scene requires expertise in specific areas. Customs compliance, logistics and distribution, international product specifications, etc. are among the challenges businesses must meet in order to achieve long term profitability.

The situation is similar with regards to currencies.

Optionsdevises was created with the belief that companies can acquire the skills needed to accurately manage their foreign exchange exposure. This explains why we choose to intervene not only as consultant, but also as coach and trainer, making sure that you acquire the skills and know-how needed to...

  • Understand the currency market
  • Recognize, measure and quantify the risks
  • Calculate your Foreign exchange position
  • Establish your management objectives and develop your Foreign Exchange Policy
  • Mitigate the risks (understand how hedging products work)
    • Natural hedge
    • Spot transactions
    • Forward transactions
    • Currency options
    • Currency swaps
  • Learn to get the best out of your banker’s currency services;
  • Etc.

An investment that generates the expected results

Studies conducted by experts in learning solutions demonstrate that workplace training and coaching is the most efficient approach to allow your leaders and managers to truly benefit from the skills they acquire. This guaranties an excellent return on your investment in consulting services.

Learning pyramid

*Optionsdevises is accredited by Emploi-Québec