« Thanks to his extensive knowledge, Normand Faubert has rapidly identified for us the critical elements of an effective exchange risk management. His rigorous approach combined to his coaching skills, have enabled us to understand and to act in order to protect our export revenues. »

Richard Bérubé, Engineer
President, Morgan Schaffer

« I believed I had an appropriate currency management policy until I had the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and the communication skills of Normand Faubert. Since then, the management of the foreign currencies issues is perfectly integrated to my strategic plan. »

Yvon Léveillé, President
JAS Filtration Inc.

« Optionsdevises has provided us the means to improve the management of all the financial aspects of our international trade and to establish an action plan for the continued development of our export business. »

Alain Robitaille, President
Granicor inc.

« Optionsdevises quickly understood the intricacies relating to our industry, allowing them to align their recommendations to our reality, as well as proposing adaptable strategies which optimized our managerial approach. We are very pleased to be able to benefit from the expertise of Mr. Faubert, in the implementation of our foreign exchange risk management policy. »

Serge Marcotte, MBA,
CFO, Artificial Mind & Mouvement inc.

« Optionsdevises allowed us to better understand the complexity surrounding the management of foreign exchange risk. Mr. Faubert directed our work meetings with ease and was able to demystify key issues, which helped us increase our knowledge and develop new ways to make and thus improve our managerial approach ».

Christiane Costea, CGA
Controller, Plastrec inc

« Optionsdevises conducted a complete and thorough analysis on the impact of exchange rate fluctuations for our company. The detailed review of our operations enabled us to identify and measure the real issues and guide our management efforts in the right direction.»

Nicolas Fournier, CA
Controller, Filspec Inc.

« After spending more than 10 years looking for consulting services of this nature, we found that working with Optionsdevises enabled us to clearly identify and understand the key factors that are essential to the implementation of a proactive foreign exchange risk management policy. We now have a clear understanding of the issues and an action plan tailored to our specific needs.»

Lisa Hays, Chief Financial Officer

« Normand Faubert possesses the ability to clearly explain the complex matters associated to foreign exchange risk management. His comprehensive analysis of the financial implications helped us focus on our core mission which is, as manufacturers, to take action in order to mitigate risk in order to maximize profits. »

Charles-Alain Carrière, CA
President, Orientech Inc.

« Thanks to the expertise of Optionsdevises, Ezeflow now has a tailor made foreign exchange policy that enables us to optimize our foreign transactions while maintaining specific hedging parameters. We strongly recommend Optionsdevises to companies that are active in international markets. »

Marie-Josée Hamel, CA
Controller, Ezeflow inc.

« Increasing exchange rate fluctuations are an important issue for our company. Optionsdevises allowed us to identify, understand and measure our currency risk, and implement a simple but effective management strategy.  We are now in control of the situation. »

Patrick Savaria, CGA
Vice-President Finance & CFO, Roctest Ltée

« We are manufacturing base organization, with 95% of our products exported worldwide.  While we had already identified the right tools to protect our company from the risks inherent in foreign exchange fluctuations, Normand Faubert demystified these transactions. His knowledge helped improve our negotiating skills with our financial institution, giving us the competitive edge to work out better conditions and obtain a much needed increase of our credit line. I never thought this possible! Meanwhile, Normand also became our mentor in the development of any future foreign exchange strategy. »

Raymond Le Blanc,
CFO, ETI Converting Equipment

« As a manufacturing company, each year, a large portion of our incomes is made through foreign currency. The volatility of the exchange rates market in recent years has led us to reasses our methods in terms of foreign exhange risk management. In 2010, we sought the professional expertise of Optionsdevises to examine our risk management practices. Mr. Faubert, in a very professional manner, led our company through the stages required to re-evaluate our risk management process. His expertise in currency markets, combined with an in-depth analysis of our sector’s activities, enabled us to develop a currency risk management policy adapted to our specific needs. Additionally, as a coach and trainer, Mr. Faubert provided us with many tips that add daily value to our exchange rate policy. We recommend Optionsdevises to any company doing business at an international scale.»

Marc Lambert, CMA
Vice-president finances, Rad Technologies Inc

«The services of Optionsdevises were recommended to me at a time where I ignored that our company had a lot to learn on the topic of foreign exchange. Early in the process, Normand Faubert helped us understand the intrinsic issues related to our business and he clearly outlined for us our foreign exchange risks. The quality of his diagnosis surpassed our expectations and his account of our situation guided us in the elaboration of our action plan. Point by point, Mr Faubert coached us in the analysis of the best management practices to address our specific needs. He developed and implanted working tools which helped create costs and revenues certainty. We are now able to forecast our profits with a greater degree of confidence.  Mr. Faubert’s intervention also gave us the opportunity to better understand banking services and to negotiate favorable terms for our FX transactions. »

Nancy Camirand, CA
Director administration and finances, United Bottles and Packaging Inc.

«Normand Faubert has a great listening capacity which, early on, allowed us to exchange a lot of information and identify the exact nature of our currency risk issues. After producing a very detailed diagnosis, Mr. Faubert became an ally who helped l foreign exchange and currency exposure. His passion and enthusiasm facilitated the integration of efficient and cost-effective solutions. Mr. Faubert has produced specifically for us some highly customized tools that are simple to use. He was repeatedly available throughout his mandate and, in addition he was flexible with regard to the planning of our working sessions. »

Linda Bélanger CA
Directrice des finances, Canarail Inc.