Analysis Analysis

The exchange rate is the same for everyone but, your company is unique.

Solutions to foreign exchange risks do not come from the currency market. They are to be found from the detailed analysis of what makes your business unique, i.e. its operations.

Whatever your field of activity, your operations determine the sensitivity of your profits to currency fluctuations and dictate the best foreign exchange policy for your company.

Understanding Understanding

Optionsdevises offers the opportunity to invest in the knowhow of your company in order to:

  • Maximize profits despite exchange rate fluctuations;
  • Plan the future with confidence;
  • Save time and money by rapidly identifying key issues;
  • Transform uncertainty into measurable management parameters;
  • Master hedging solutions;
  • Get the most, at the right price, out of your banker’s services;
  • …and much more


Action Action

A foreign exchange policy is no luxury in modern companies. In their book entitled “Techniques financières internationales” the authors Yves Simon and Delphine Lautier stipulate that “the confrontation to the foreign exchange market is the first expression of international reality”.

Managing currency exposure involves the distinctive challenge of having to reconcile the irrationality of the FX market with the uniqueness of your business. This reality therefore commands an immediate and proactive action.